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Privacy Policy

UPDATED: 29.05.2023


The team at believes it is our responsibility and duty to ensure the privacy and security of our users' data.

  • This page is a document we call the "Privacy Policy and Cookies Use". Here, we explain how we process the shared information on our site, both the information we provide and the information we receive from users.

  • When a visitor uses any interactive resources on a website, such as playing free demo versions of games or making use of any other site categories, information about the visitor is obtained. The visitor must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of upon use of this information. These terms and conditions also apply to any services of software providers and those of third party applications.

  • The rules about accessing the website and using its gaming services are referred to as "The Services" hereafter.

  • We insist that all users familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy pages of our site before using any of our services. This also implies that all visitors have consented to our rules and terms when using our services and that they agree to the way we collect and process information about site visitors.

    About Us

  • is a guide dedicated to the theme of online gambling that includes free demo versions of slot games to play. It is completely free to use our site and you do not need to do any deposits, payments or registrations.

  • Users Data We Do NOT Collect:

  • Therefore we are not a gambling site, just a guide to the online games world. We, ( NEVER collect, process, or store any of your personal, financial, or activity data on our servers.

    Use Of Cookies

  • Display and browser dimension cookie (technically required to serve content for different screens resolutions, no user data tracking).

  • is utilizing a third-party analytics service called statcounter ( to gain insight into how visitors are engaging with the website.

  • Statcounter is an online service that helps us understand how our visitors find our website, how much time they spend on our site, what pages they are most interested in etc. We use Statcounter because having a better understanding of how visitors are interacting with our website allows us to make improvements in order to offer a better online experience. Statcounter collects data on visitors and their activity by using cookies and other technologies. The data collected includes:

  • We need to know what time and date a user visits our website so that we can plan for busy times. We also need to know the IP address assigned to the device by an Internet Service Provider so the device can access the internet. We additionally need to know what browser type and operating system the user is using so that our website displays correctly in their chosen browser. We aso acquire device information such as the device size and type to again ensure our website is correctly displayed on their device. Lastly, we look at the external sources a user finds us from; find which searches help to refer users to our website.

  • Additionally, when you browse our website, a Statcounter cookie (named "is_unique") may be set in your web browser. This cookie is only used to identify whether you are a first-time or returning visitor and to calculate unique visits to the site.

  • You can learn more about cookies from StatCounter and set your browser to refuse same by clicking HERE. Statcounter have separate and independent privacy policy.

  • Safety & Sharing The Data We will never transfer or share data with other entities unless it is mandated by legally recognised documentation or requests, in order to avoid facilitating any terrorist or criminal activity.

  • Third-party links

  • Occasionally, we may choose to feature or provide third-party products or services on our website. These third-party sites have their own, completely seperate privacy policies and so we are not responsible or liable for their content or activities. Despite this, we still strive to protect our website's credibility and we are always open to receiving feedback about these sites.